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ALL your customers have the Internet in their Pockets.
  • With a Facecard you and everyone you know can NOW share your contact details instantly to on any social network and via Whatsapp.
  • No more waiting on new business cards and loosing valuable customers in the process. Facecards are available online immediately for R150 per month.
  • Your Facecard is fully integrated with our world class business card ordering engine.
  • Facecards does not make use of individual domain names so your info is private and only available to whom you give it to.
  • 8 Different company division logos can be displayed on the Facecard’s header.
  • Fully intergrated Nokia Here and Google Navigation directly from your Facecard with an interactive Map Preview.
  • Your Facecard details can be updated immediately while you’re waiting for your new business cards.
  • Page hits and and most importantly, vCard downloads are shown on your Facecard.
  • Branches can view stats on each Facecard .

NO set up fee!! Facecards cost only (R150) per month per Facecard.

  • Your Facecard will be hosted securely via https://www.facecards.mobi
  • Popular Features:
    1. Direct Call Button
    2. Direct Call Email Button
    3. vCard Download (and counter)
    4. Direct Skype Call Button
    5. Nokia & Google Navigation - MAP Preview
    6. Custom Web links for your branch
    7. Custom Web links for your Company
    8. Dedicated Company Promo Youtube link
    9. Custom favicon when saving page to home screen or sharing on Facebook.

  • Why is a Facecards better:
    1. It's a fantasitc branding and marketing tool with your personal contact details and product showcase, all in one simple but powerful package.
    2. Very easy to update your promotional products in the product slider on your
    3. Your Facecard is fully integrated with the business cards you've already ordered.
    4. You can create a Facecard while waiting for your printed cards.
    6. NO major setup is required.
    7. Unique secure login protects your brand.

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