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A Professional Online Contact Profile with NFC sharing Features

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Access to Settings Check Check
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Live Google Map Dash Check
App Enabled NFC Dash Check
Physical NFC Card Dash Dash
Pro Admin Controls Dash Check
Custom Theme Dash Check
Push Logo and Styling to All Facecards Dash Check
Push Social Media Links to All Facecards Dash Check
Campiagn Gallery Dash Check
Push Campiagn to All Facecards Dash Check
In-Depth Analytics Dash Check
Video Call Backgrounds Check

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Create Multiple Profiles

Admin Accounts can create Multiple Facecards for Employees

Share via NFC Technology

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Individual Profile Editing

With unique logins, Facecard Profiles you create, can edit their own details – Admin restrictions can be applied

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Simply drop your images and start promoting

Navigation Links

Built-in Map makes it eay for Customers to find your Shop

Create Video Call Backgrounds

Simply drop a new image and we do the rest, view a sample

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Share Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

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Easily share to most popular social media platforms

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Send your Facecard via WhatsApp and LineApp or by using the built in sending feature you will be able to export your sent messages with all the details of your prospective customers.


Stealth Security

Stealh Mode Enabled by Default to Hide your Online Profile

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Stealth Profiles Shares Their vCards via the App

Hide Mobile Number and Email Address

Enable Enquiry on your Image Gallery to receive enquiry Emails

Enable Enquiries

Upload Images into your Campaign and enable enquiry

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Install Our App and Share your Facecard Profile or vCard via your Mobile's built-in NFC technology